Slang Report: "Kevin Nagle" New Slang For Asshole, In Sacramento

Sacramento, CA - Reports from the capitol of California indicate that soccer fans in the area are using new slang to describe someone who is an imbecilic asshole as "Kevin Nagle" or "a Nagle" gains steam in the area.

The Nutmeg News spoke to linguistic professor Barbara Brown at California State University, Sacramento about the influx of new slang to the area.

"Soccer fans are notorious for cribbing language from other locations and countries but in this case they are developing a new slang of their own," stated Brown to our reporters. "In this case, Sacramento Republic fans, overnight, started re-framing the language they use to indicate that someone is a dickish, churlish, insensitive, or imbecilic person by calling that person a Nagle"

Brown gave the example of a Republic fan stating, "Don't be a Nagle, man" when at one point he would have stated, "Don't be an asshole."

"Language is always in flux, but I remain fascinated that we can transpose items like Kevin Nagle to mean asshole, in a matter of a few moments based on circumstances," stated Brown.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as people realize there are a lot of Nagle's on Twitter talking about the Sacramento to MLS deal.