Chicago Fire Eliminated From 2017 World Cup

CHICAGO - Giving up 4 goals to the New York Red Bulls, the Chicago Fire were knocked out of the 2017 World Cup being unable to claim the trophy in the first year of the career of promising youth player Bastian Schweinsteiger.

40 is the new 15

40 is the new 15

"We are disappointed in the way the season ended," stated head coach Veljko Paunović. "However, we hope that we can come back next season and try to win the World Cup in Russia."

With the Fire eliminated from World Cup 2017, local fans are exploring their heritage to see if there are other teams they can root for, in good conscience.

"My grandfathers first wife was from Vancouver, originally, so I guess I can go for them," stated Fire fan David Hastings. "I don't know, I might just take the rest of the tournament off and wait for England to lose on penalties next year."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this next season as the Fire, once again, attempt to claim world football's greatest prize.