Soccer Fan Needles Establishment With Carefully Selected Patch/Pin/Scarf Combination

Detroit, MI - Soccer fan Ken Hamlin carefully selected a daring patch/pin/scarf combination that would be certain to needle the establishment as he prepared for his day at The Social Club Grooming Company by Wayne State University.

Seriously though, Have you punched a nazi today?

Seriously though, Have you punched a nazi today?

"I've carefully selected my combination today to give a maximum amount of subtle middle fingers to the establishment via my capitalistic acquisition of swag," stated Hamlin to The Nutmeg News. 

"My scarf is for my hometown, representing City, the only club, with a pointed message towards the Republican kleptocracy with the statement, 'your club sucks'. This is combined with my Gengen Rechts patch that I bought from the FC St. Pauli Club online store. In this manner, everyone knows that we must smash fascism and racism. I've tied this all together with two different pins/buttons that I purchased online. One is a fleur de lis button that reminds people of only one of Detroit's multicultural settlers while I'm also wearing a NoDAPL pin to balance out the hegemony of French fur trappers."

According to Hamlin, this allows him to continually protest the insanity that seems to surround him at all times while also indicating, subtly, to fellow fans that he is an ally.

"If you have a City scarf on, people know that you are a friend of theirs or a foe of theirs. And here, in this day and age... we all need as many friends as we can get."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Hamlin uses this excuse to buy a refugees welcome scarf from every club he can find that sells one.


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