Geoff Cameron Celebrates Trump Inauguration By Telling Off Dual-Nationals

Stoke-on-Trent, UK - United States international and part time Stoke City practice dummy, Geoff Cameron, reportedly spent his Friday celebrating the Donald Trump inauguration by telling off dual-nationals as he rampaged through the Scotia Road Asda in a gleeful trance while shouting abuse to anyone he could find.

"I'm going to make England great again, and part of that philosophy is pulling up the drawbridge after I got here," stated Cameron to his blog

"I am going to work with MP Nigel Farage to help him, in conjunction with the Trump administration, build a wall to keep Wales and Scotland out. For that matter, we should work on keeping Portugal and the Netherlands out as well. We need to prevent people like Martins Indi and Marc Muniesa from taking my job. We will ensure that the Welsh pay for these walls.  We will ensure that the Scots pay for these walls. Hell, we will even make the Irish pay for these walls. They will do this. English teams for English players... and me. We don't need any Dutch players. We don't need any Portuguese players, we just need American players and English players as long as they aren't better than me."

Cameron, as well, reportedly stated that he still has a beef with the United States national team as insider sources indicate that he is still upset by, as he stated, "Illegals taking my job."

"It's time for the USMNT to be great again under Bruce Arena," ranted Cameron to his Facebook page. "It's time for those Moslems, Germans and Mexicans trying to take our defending jobs to be let go from the team.

FIRST: John Brooks and Benghazi. Have you ever heard him talk about it? I DON'T THINK SO!

If you look at the depth chart at centerback it's very clear that we are suffering from a lack of patriotism at that position. Likely some of these players are illegals and they hate the flag.  Players like them are taking my position and that's not what we stand for in MY America. It's high time that this country got back to helping Me and Me alone."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Cameron searches out ways to prevent more center backs and fullbacks from being acquired by Stoke City.