NWSL Explore Moving North Carolina Courage To San Diego

In light of the recent news of the San Diego Chargers moving to Los Angeles, the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) is reportedly exploring a move of the North Carolina Courage to San Diego.

"Honestly, it fits our demographic, it's a beautiful city, it doesn't have a massive LGBTQ issue with regards to the HB2 bill, and we would be moving a team that was already just moved," stated NWSL Comissioner Jeff Plush. "We would be stupid if we DIDN'T explore this as an option."

Inside sources for the league indicate that NWSL leadership want to strike while the moving vans are idling. 

"They see this as an opportunity to right a wrong that was an original wrong, if you can understand," stated an anonymous source. "This is the perfect two wrongs DO make a right situation. While the NWSL doesn't want to be in the HB2 business, they want to be in the Southern California warm weather and city without a team, business."

Comissioner Plush was non-plussed about moving a team a second time as he stated, "Fuck em! We decide if you have a team, not the fans. If the Western New York Fans are heartbroken by this then they should be the commissioner and ownership of a league. At that point, then they can decide they don't want to move. However, since they don't have millions of dollars and influence, they can sit there silently suffering the loss of their team right alongside the North Carolina fans when we do this thing again to capitalize on San DIEEEEEEEEGO! SPRING BREAK! WOOOOOOOOOO!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the NWSL also considers just trying to spin up an ownership group for the area.