Man Not Entirely Certain Why He Is Mad At Cropper Situation

NEW YORK - Soccer fan Davis Gerto admitted he isn't entirely certain why he is mad at the Cody Cropper situation, but that isn't stopping him from raging online at the vague facts and suppositions of others.

AYKUT AKICI/ISIPHOTOS.COM - "Don't worry, folks. I don't have a clue either"

AYKUT AKICI/ISIPHOTOS.COM - "Don't worry, folks. I don't have a clue either"

"SOMETHING IS BULLSHIT!" stated Mr Gerto on his twitter account. "I don't know what it is, and I'm not certain what happened but I'm guessing that whatever it is, it is bad, or wrong or something."

Reportedly, Gerto was interested in the Cody Cropper situation purely from a "how the league is going to act" standpoint, however he isn't entirely certain what he expected.

The Nutmeg News reached out to Major League Soccer regarding the acquisition of Cody Cropper and they had the following to say, "Everything that happened with regards to Mr Cropper was above board, and fully consistently consistent with our consistent rules and consistent application of the rules and our consistent interpretation of the consistent application of the consistent rules and there is nothing further to the rumors that we are inconsistently applying the so-called rules to whatever we want to do as we interpret them."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as some anonymous account announces that he has figured out what the league did, despite no one having a fucking clue what is going on.