Fan Spews Hot Take On Fanbase He Knows Nothing About

LOS ANGELES - Galaxy fan Victor Denilson stated, "I think Sporting Kansas City fans love fan culture more than they love the game" despite having never attended a single game of any sport in Kansas City.

Well done, Cauldron.

Well done, Cauldron.

"It's clearly obvious that all they like is to drink, hang out with their friends and paint pretty pictures." stated Denilson to The Nutmeg News on Monday morning. "I don't actually know anyone from Kansas City and I don't have any intention to go to watch a game there and actually I've never even gone to the city but I am 100% certain of my belief about Kansas City fans based on, like, three guys that I used to follow on Twitter."

While the righteous anger from Mr. Denilson oozed out on his twitter account in the morning, he spared no one as he continued to take his battle against fans that didn't even know he exists to all avenues of the internet including Big Soccer, Facebook, MLS comments and reddit.

"These fans must know that they are just self serving art-and-crafts fans who show up for a sporting event every week. Real sports fans sit there with their arms crossed, scowling at the field and ignoring everything around them as they criticize and internalize all the action that happens in front of them. If you are singing, or dancing or holding flags and two sticks, you are in this for the wrong reasons, BUCKO!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this Mr. Denilson continues his online harangue against all fans by stating that, "This is why soccer will never be big in the United States."