Red Card Wins Major League Soccer Player Of The Week

NEW YORK - Major League Soccer announced that the player of the week for the fifth week of the season would be Red Card, stating their obvious contribution to the games this week and their overall play.

Player of the GAME, Player of the WEEK!

Player of the GAME, Player of the WEEK!

With Red Card featuring as the star in several matches over the weekend, their contributions were unparalleled as observers and league officials state that Red Card was everywhere.

"Red Card was amazing. It didn't matter what position that you started them in, or where they were given, they did the job and really dominated the players they were against," stated MLS Armchair Analyst Matt Doyle.

The Nutmeg News spoke to Red Card and they had the following to say, "It was a tough game, but I give all glory to God and Jair Marrufo. They had the guts to put me in the game and I just had to execute. I know that when I came on that I changed the game and I'm just one card trying to make a difference. I want to also thank Ismail Elfath and Silviu Petrescu for believing in me. We did it! We really did it. We climbed that mountain top!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Red Card has a season to remember.