Man Still Convinced He Is Going To Make Money Via Soccer Podcasting And Blogging

Newark, NJ - Podcaster, blogger and all around soccer super fan Rich Breston has admitted that he somehow still retains hope that he is going to make money via soccer podcasting and blogging.

I just need more time, really some more time. In between my job, my attending a soccer game on the weekend, watching 5 MLS games and 5 USL games and 5 NASL games and trying to find the time to write a preview on the NWSL season, covering the USMNT and staying up to date with the USWNT and trying to find out what is going on in the NPSL. I GOT THIS. I GOT... THIS.

"It could still happen," stated Mr Breston to his friends on Monday afternoon. "I mean, despite there being absolutely no money in soccer blogging and podcasting with newspapers and magazines slowly being shuttered around the world that won't pay for my content anyway, and there actually not being a big enough audience for my podcasts to generate any kind of livable revenue, I still believe that somehow I'm going to actually make a living off this stuff."

Reportedly, Mr. Breston was continuously able to keep up the belief that he was actually going to make a career from the countless hours that he put into the soccer community while simultaneously sinking all of his own funds into the enterprise to keep everything afloat.

"I've achieved nearly everything I wanted from my career. I have over 5,000 followers on twitter. I've been published internationally in the Guardian, the Telegraph and FourFourTwo. I've talked with players, owners, league commissioners, and international superstars that people in England can't even get for one-on-one interviews. My blog has gotten over a million hits in its lifetime and people recognize me when I go to certain stadiums. The only thing that hasn't happened is actually making a livable wage. I mean, despite dedicating the last 15 years of my life to this grind, I actually am still doing all of this as my second job while I process new hires as a human resources assistant. I still believe, though. I mean, somehow... some way... Maybe..... I'm going to figure out... ah... never mind, I'm shutting everything down."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as people on twitter miss Mr Breston's podcast and blog, but not enough to actually to pay him to keep the podcast alive.