International Consortium Agree To Continue Making Player Highlight Videos With Terrible Music

The International Consortium Of Tribute Video Aficionados, today, agreed to continue making player highlight videos with terrible music on them.

"We with ICOTVA agreed that we must continue broadcasting, making and ensuring that all player highlight videos that you go to watch have really terrible music and bad production value," stated director of ICOTVA public relations Soloman Grandall.

"While most of the rest of the world has moved their standards upwards in video resolution, quality and music choice, ICOTVA is here to ensure that the video you are going to watch of the transfer target for a player from Slovenia is mixed with just awful Euro disco music that is turned up incredibly loud with video breaks, fly in graphics and highlights that make zero sense what so ever."

With ICOTVA admitting that they will continue their high quality attempt at low quality videos, fans worldwide admitted their relief at the consortiums attempt at continuing the huge attempts at low quality put forward.

"I don't know what I would do with myself if I didn't have another 5 minute highlight video with European disco music of a player making runs to nowhere and not scoring goals to watch. It would be a very sad day indeed," stated fan Douglas Therimn.

"It's not officially a transfer window until I find out about a new folk-rock band from Serbia whose music is attached to a player my team is looking at who may or may not play a few minutes for Grasshopper FC this season," stated Stephanie Oaks.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the trend thankfully continues.