Despite acknowledged bribes and corruption, FIFA persists with Qatari World Cup

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With the 2022 World Cup in Qatar only six years away, more information from Amnesty International was released recently showing the horrifying working conditions for many of the people employed to build the stadiums and grounds for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Please Read the Amnesty International article here:  Abuse Of World Cup Workers Exposed 

As well as the full report here: Amnesty International Document on FIFA 2022 World Cup 

From the CNN report on Amnesty International and the FIFA World Cup

From the CNN report on Amnesty International and the FIFA World Cup

Despite the acknowledged bribes, the human rights abuses, the money laundering, and the ethical breaches, FIFA appears to still be forging on towards a Qatar world cup that could only be called one of the great catastrophes in modern football.

The fact that the international organization has turned a blind eye to the cruelty of the enslavement and mistreatment of the migrant workers in Qatar has only increased the ill repute and infamy that has been heaped upon the organization in the wake of the corruption and bribery scandals of Sepp Blatter, Jack Warner, Michel Plantini, and seemingly everyone involved in football on an international scale in the past 10 years.

Yet, despite all this, there is no indication that this condition will force a change of venue for FIFA. Even now, the agency seems to be steamrolling towards a World Cup in 2022 that is being built on the back, life and even deaths of the workers that currently are creating a place for socially awkward Germans and Italian football fans to look for an allowed beer garden.

From Amnesty International

From Amnesty International

Sadly, likely none of this information will stop many fans from making the trip to Qatar, as the modern fan of the international game will find an excuse to remove the idea of what created the 2022 world cup from their mind. Despite this cynicism, the fan must stand up against the abuse of workers. This especially includes organized groups of fans booking travel. Their money, if spent, will go directly towards the perpetuation of the abuse of these workers. The onus is, as well, on sponsors like Adidas and Coca-Cola to stand against the abuses and call for a change.

This, however, could be called trying to close the barn after the horse has already left. Thousands of people have already died to build the 2022 World Cup. FIFA have known about these human rights abuses for over 5 years and have done nothing. They will likely continue to do nothing.