Dave Johnson Still Certain That DC United Game Against Dallas Is Winnable

WASHINGTON - Play by play commentator for DC United, Dave Johnson, is still firmly convinced that the DC United loss to FC Dallas is winnable despite the game having been over since Saturday.

Insult meets injury.

Insult meets injury.

"There are some really great things to take from this performance," stated Mr Johnson into a microphone in his kitchen on Monday morning. "United still have a chance at coming back and winning this game, it is very winnable."

Despite DC United going down two goals early followed by a torrent of spastic play which was hardly ever consistently threatening, Mr. Johnson was unwavering in his belief that there was, "Still a very good chance United were going to win."

"Isn't it always that way that when a team goes down 2-0 and barely looks competent at finishing and Fabián Espíndola is losing his mind on the field that they come back and score three unanswered goals to win a game? All the time. It happened to my nephew on FIFA the other day."

While DC United awaited the first goal that never came, Mr Johnson's belief was unwavering, even after the 3rd goal hit the back of the net.

"This is still a very winnable game, isn't it? Totally. Once United get another round of substitutions, and we come back for the second leg, United can still win this. United can still take a lot of positives from this 0-3 scoreline. It is absolutely possible. This is still a very winnable game."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as it is a very winnable game.