African-American Soccer Fan Tired Of Being The Example Of Diverse Fanbase

Foxborough, MA - New England Revolution fan Sean Driscoll has admitted that he is more than a bit tired of being the example used of how his team has a diverse fanbase.

MLS soccer supporter diversity is not a local issue.

MLS soccer supporter diversity is not a local issue.

"Look we get it, I'm a black man in the United States and I love an MLS team. I understand that right now that duality isn't exceptionally common. I still don't think that I should be used as the example of having a diverse fanbase if I'm one of the only people in the section that is African-American," stated Driscoll to The Nutmeg News on Friday. "Most people have been very welcoming, almost apologetically so, but you can't claim to have a diverse crowd because I'm the only person in the multitude of 1000s that is black. This is more than a bit ridiculous."

Mr Driscoll stated that despite his feelings on the matter that he has no issues supporting the Revolution and showing up on gameday, but reiterated his statement further.

"Stop having that whispered conversation and pointing my way. I am not a totem for your sympathetic explanation of the racial makeup in the stands. Also, no, I don't know the other African-American fans that come to a few of the away games in team gear."

The Nutmeg News spoke to Revolution fan Sandra O'Connor about this issue and she stated, "Whoa whoa! We are absolutely anti-racist and anti-homophobic. We ensure that people know that our fan groups are an inclusive community that tries to reach out to all the different ethnic groups that make our city great. Just look at Sean over there! HEY SEAN!"