Don Garber Announces Last Chance Playoff Series Featuring RBNY And NYCFC

NEW YORK - With both New York teams and the Los Angeles Galaxy knocked out in the same day as well as two Canadian teams making it to the Eastern Conference finals, Don Garber was reportedly unabashedly furious on Monday morning during a conference call with league executives as he announced his plans for a last chance playoff series that would have the winner face off against the "winner" of MLS Cup for the ultimate bragging rights of the official MLS Cup winner.

We are getting a NYC team into MLS Cup Final even if we have to have two MLS Cup Finals.

We are getting a NYC team into MLS Cup Final even if we have to have two MLS Cup Finals.

"WE DIDN'T MOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH TO GET NYCFC INTO THIS LEAGUE TO BE LEFT WITH COLORADO AND MONTREAL AS A POSSIBLE WINNER," ranted Garber into a stationary speakerphone as he walked around the office tugging on his suspenders and practicing his putting. 

Commissioner Garber then announced his plans to allow Red Bull New York (RBNY) and New York City Football Club (NYCFC) to play against each other in a winner take all advancement game hosted at Giants Stadium to get back in the playoffs and play the winner of the MLS Cup Finals on January 1, 2017 to once and all determine the ACTUAL MLS Cup winner for 2016.

"No fan control, open stadium, no stewards! Come watch the blood in the stands and the passion on the field! ANYTHING GOES!"

Reportedly Garber was exploring every possible means of making the final rounds of playoffs more interesting to the casual fans in the United States which includes possibly working on his earlier plans to annex Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

Then, inspiration struck as Garber stated, "I realized that the playoffs are just an artificial construct anyway. So why not have a last chance saloon that allows eliminated teams a chance to get back into the playoffs in the final. It just so happens that it is two NYC teams."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as RBNY and NYCFC get ready for their play-in game.