End Of Season Saddens MLS Hater As Only Two Games Remain To Mock

Murfeesboro, TN - Major League Soccer (MLS) hater Jimmy Fox admitted that the end of the season saddened him as he realized that he only had two games remaining to mock the league, in 2016.

"You call this Major League? You can't even call this Minor League!  That's funny, I'm tweeting it now."

"You call this Major League? You can't even call this Minor League!

That's funny, I'm tweeting it now."

"It's been a long year of hating on MLS," stated Fox to The Nutmeg News. "However, I'm saddened by the fact that I only have two games left to really talk about the cabal of Don Garber, promotion relegation, and the absolute fact that USSF in conjunction with the landed gentry are denying a place for actual soccer clubs at the table to exist because Sunil Gulati is using SUM to line the coffers of elites in Harvard for the benefit of Crimson football."

Reportedly, Fox's commentary on the inept ability of players, referees, league officials and federation officials has regularly kept tens of people entertained online as his sharp hot takes needled fans with rapier like qualities.

"MLS is such shit, they can't even trap a ball. My u-5 team is better than this," stated Fox in one of his many witty rejoinders that lit up the blogosphere with its truth bomb qualities.

"MLS Referees are like 3 blind mice or something. Just awful. I can't wait for this league to implode," ranted Fox on Facebook to a net result of one like and 2 comments regarding the recent win of Middle Tennessee State football over Florida Atlantic University. 

While Fox is disappointed at the end of the season he maintained his optimism that the start of making fun of Major League Soccer for everything that it does is just around the corner.

"It's a season that never really stops, being a hater. I'm going to find every single detail I hate and I'm going to let it smother me. What did Bukowski say? Find what you love and let it kill you? I'm going to let MLS kill me and smother me in my hate! HATE ON, HATERS!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Fox continues to rant on Twitter about the league.