Delusional Man Convinced MLS Playoffs Are Still Ongoing

Denver, CO - Delusional Colorado Rapids fan Paul Munoz continues to insist that the Major League Soccer (MLS) playoffs are still ongoing despite all evidence to the contrary.

See! The playoffs are REAL!

See! The playoffs are REAL!

"Guys, the playoffs are still on! We still have a chance at this," stated Munoz to his Facebook feed on a post that quickly devolved into a political rant from his uncle about entitled millennials protesting. 

Munoz cites evidence that there hasn't yet been a winner of MLS Cup and that teams are still scheduled at some time in the future to play a game, but despite this evidence his friends continue to doubt that there is any soccer left to play.

"Look, if the playoffs were still going on, there would have been a game recently, right?" stated Carlos Hernandez of Littleton. 

"I don't remember going to the stadium for a game, so I'm pretty certain that the season is over," stated Laura Coleman of Broomfield.

Munoz continues to insist, despite the evidence, that there are more games to play as he states, "C'mon guys, the playoffs are a few weeks away. Trust me, a game is going to happen sometime in the next month. I can guarantee that."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Munoz forgets which day the Rapids/Sounders playoff game is scheduled for as he agrees to attend a birthday party for his friend Jessica.