Election Finally Convinces Man That US Fans Should Stop Chanting "Mow My Lawn"

Racine, WI - After studiously ignoring the problem for years and, at best, clucking his tongue at the situation, the recent Presidential election has finally convinced USA Soccer fan Nathan Everett that USA fans should consider stopping offensive chants like, "Mow My Lawn" and "Build That Wall", and even the Sombrero Song at Mexico and Latin American teams.



"This is outrageous!" exclaimed Everett to the internet via all his social media platforms. "I carefully ignored the problem for years and every once in a while chided people on line, but now is the time for me to stand up and ask very politely if the terrible elements in our fanbase will stop with the casual racism."

Reportedly, Everett absolutely knew this was happening repeatedly over the course of the past decade, but he never took time out of his busy schedule playing fantasy football and looking at obscure leagues to follow American players to address the issue. With the recent election, though, Everett was motivated to ensure that THIS is the time he finally addresses the issue.

"We just gotta come together, all of us, we need to be better, to treat each other better, and honestly... there's probably not that many illegals at this game anyway so the jokes will go right over their head."

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Everett forgets he ever cared after this game is over.