New Soccer Fan Continues To Inadvertently Work Britishisms Into Vocabulary

NEW YORK - New soccer fan Dale Koblens, reportedly, continued to inadvertently work select Britishisms into his day to day vocabulary after picking a team in England's Premier League to follow for 2016/2017.

What most people think Koblens house now looks like.

What most people think Koblens house now looks like.

"The first time I noticed the change was when Dale said Nil," stated friend Jerry Burrows.

"I started to wonder if he was a soccer fan because I hadn't heard him use the word at all before this year. The next word I heard was Kit and Pitch. At that point, I knew that he was watching English soccer, so it was only a matter of time before I found out which team he was supporting."

Reportedly, Koblens started peppering his speech with a variety of words and phrases that he never used before including the words, "bollocks, bellend, whinge, shag, bloody, mate, lad and chuffed." Koblens, as well, realized that within the last two weeks he made a joke about Asda, developed a strange desire to drink tea, was caught complaining about Nigel Farage and developed a strong opinion about Non League football and what it means to the working class in Staffordshire to have Tamworth win the FA Vase.

"We won't see a problem like Pompey pop up in Tamworth," stated Koblens to The Nutmeg News. "My lads and I know a right proper punch-up like we seen on the terraces, and I won't venture a guess it'll happen soon enough," mumbled Koblens as he took a complete gamble on the veracity of his words by hoping that our interviewer had no idea what he just stated as he dipped a french fry into a small dollop of HP sauce that he recently purchased at Myers of Keswick.

The Nutmeg News will have more on Koblens as he begins to interchange the terms football and soccer without thinking about it, until he starts thinking about it, and then he realizes it now seems more affectatious to think about it then it does to just use the term he wants to use when referring to the game to different groups of people.