Former Fulham Fan Realizes That He Really Was Always A Swansea Fan

Indianapolis, IN - Former Fulham fan Randy Balweg admitted that he woke up this morning with the crystal clear realization that he really was always a Swansea fan before opening up the kit order page and liking the Swans Facebook and Twitter accounts.

"It's been two years since I had a team, after Fulham were relegated," stated Balweg to The Nutmeg News. "But with big old Bob Bradley coming to the helm, I feel like it's my patriotic duty to completely abandon the team that I swore allegiance to and jump full feet into supporting a team in a country that I couldn't even point out on a map. UP the Swans and more importantly, Up the USA.... USA.... USA... USA... USA... USA... USA... USA ... USA... USa!"

Reportedly, Balweg was a Bradley hater during his time with the USMNT but that was because, according to him, he didn't know that he had Premier League quality at that time.

"I hated Bradley, but now my time with Klinsmann has convinced me that I love Bradley. If only we could get a real, true, Premier League manager like Bob Bradley to coach the USMNT. He would make America great again internationally. I mean, if you think about the USMNT and you think about the USA, AND... you think about Bob Bradley, he will be able to bring all these American kids straight into Swansea and get them playing time. Finally the criminal overlook of all these talented kids by the greedy corporate Premier League will be at an end! Bradley was an inside job! As a long suffering Swans fan of 2 hours, I can't wait for the team to be lifted by this new acquisition!"

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Balweg realizes there isn't a pre-made kit with Bradley's name on the back that he can purchase, so he has to actually research players on the team.