Letters From The Sixth Place War: Seattle

The Nutmeg News historical preservation society has unearthed a treasure trove of letters from men and women involved in The Sixth Place War. Due to our preservation efforts over the last two days, TNN has been able to restore these letters to a readable state for our documentary on the subject.

Over the next three days, The Nutmeg News will release letters from men and women involved in the battle for The Sixth Place War that took part in the battles for San Jose, Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake. These men and women share with us their heroism in the face of daunting odds to become a decidedly mediocre team that somehow isn't quite bad enough to be 7th place, but also likely isn't good enough to be in fifth place.

There may be surprises in store for all of us as we comb over these historical documents to reveal the ascent of some regiments and companies, where others are slaughtered for the honor and glory of being roughly the 11th place team in the league.

And Now....

The Sixth Place War: Seattle