Giovinco Speaks, "If I Knew MLS Defenses Were This Crappy, I Would Have Come Over A Lot Sooner."

TORONTO - Sebastian Giovinco is on a roll. The diminutive Italian leads Toronto FC in nearly every single offensive category including goals, assists, shots, and shots on goal. The Nutmeg News asked Giovinco a few questions about the success of the season and his views on the league as a whole after the wild 4-4 Toronto v NYCFC game this weekend.

TNN: "What has your experience been in the league so far?"

GIOVINCO: "If I knew MLS defenses were this crappy, I would have come over a lot sooner."

TNN: "What do you attribute your massive success to this season?"

GIOVINCO: "Well, I say first that it is my skill, but it certainly helps that players in Major League Soccer don't know how to mark players out of the game, close down on the ball and follow players through the box efficiently."

TNN: "Can you tell us the difference between playing for Juventus and playing for Toronto?"

GIOVINCO: "The primary difference has been that I play a lot. It is important to play and to start every game. At Juventus I was on a team with players like Pogba, Pirlo, Buffon, Tevez, and Chiellini. Here at Toronto I am currently playing with players like Chris Konopka, a player who only once in his career had played more than 10 games over his ten years. The difference is startling. However, the difference is on both sides of the field. I can just run and score with abandon.

TNN: "Thanks for the interview and we hope you have a great end to the season."

GIOVINCO: "Thank you, and in my next game, I'm going to try for 3 assists to change things up."