Progressive Orlando Pride Using Lactating Nipple As Logo

Orlando, FL - Unveiled this morning, the logo for the new NWSL side, Orlando Pride, is a victory for Progressive people everywhere as the Pride are utilizing a lactating nipple as their logo.

Milk, Milk, everywhere but only colostrum available at select stations throughout the park.

Milk, Milk, everywhere but only colostrum available at select stations throughout the park.

The general manager of Orlando Pride, Dan Mcown, had the following to say, "We wanted to reach out to a segment of our community that we felt were underrepresented in our community, the breast feeding woman. This is a victory for progressive women unashamed of their nipples and the lactation that happens from them. We felt that it was important to reach out to the nipples in our community and say, if you lactate... come and lactate with us. Join the Pride and lactate for your city. We all have nipples, we all feel the brunt upon our chest of a cold morning, and I think that as a man, I am completely in touch with the idea of what a woman has going on with her nips."

Orlando Pride reportedly considered a number of different options for their logo that would bring women out to the park including a graphic depiction of menses, a woman getting passed over for a promotion due to a misogynist boss, and a woman not getting paid at the same level as a male co-worker. The naming committee reportedly decided on a lactating nipple because the Orlando group said, "Everyone loves boobs, everyone loves nipples."

The Nutmeg News spoke to the graphic design firm of Yankee Plastic Hotel Amalgam Troupe that designed the logo and they spoke of the difficulty involved, "We had numerous conversations about the design of the areola and whether it should be whole or flesh colored or perhaps even more wrinkled, but in the end the decision was made to show a cracked aeriola as this can happen due to nursing. We also showed the areola and nipple in Orlando purple to show the diversity of nipples we hope will attend Pride games in 2015."

The Nutmeg News will have more as the Orlando Nipple Pride begin play in 2016.