Grant Wahl Spends Morning Feverishly Googling Things About Toronto

NEW YORK - Sports Illustrated journalist Grant Wahl spent the morning feverishly Googling things about Toronto as he prepared for his annual toe-dip into the Major League Soccer waters for his MLS Cup visit.

ONTARIO?! I thought I was going to Toronto!?

ONTARIO?! I thought I was going to Toronto!?

"I needed to know things about Toronto and I don't know very much about the city at all," stated Wahl during his 86 minute Facebook live feed where he explained the benefits of booking with Travelocity and updated his ad-block software.

"If I decide to go there for MLS Cup, I need to know the places to go and what to see. And if I'm not going there, I need to know what to write about to make it seem like I've been there enough times that I don't need to go back."

While skipping by a collection of personal blogs and newspapers, Wahl eventually settled on reading NOW Toronto and their "Best of Toronto's neighborhoods" article as the inspiration for future column on the topic.

"This is going to work perfectly for me to add some local color and knowledge of the area," stated Wahl to his cellphone.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Wahl explains his thought process on selecting an AirBNB for the experience.