Man Who Bailed On Work To Tour Beaches In Cambodia Still Upset At Manager For Firing Him

LOS ANGELES - Area soccer player and Angkor Wat enthusiast Landon Donovan is reportedly still upset that when he returned from finding himself on the beaches of Cambodia (during the middle of World Cup Qualification right before the United States played Costa Rica and Mexico) that he was fired from his job of playing for the United States by German taskmaster Jurgen Klinsmann.

"It's still bullshit" said Donovan without a trace of self awareness. "Klinsmann should be fired then, should be fired now and should be fired later, especially if he doesn't beat Mexico. But even if he does beat Mexico he should be fired. What I'm saying is that he should be held to a higher standard than the standard to which I believe I should be held ."

"Hey Landon, arent you supposed to be playing Costa Rica and Mexico here soon?"

"Hey Landon, arent you supposed to be playing Costa Rica and Mexico here soon?"

The Nutmeg News spoke to Jurgen Klinsmann about Donovan's prognosis and he had the following to say, "I don't care. He barely played for my US team even when he was available. I hope he is able to find some peace in his life over the fact that he decided to go tour South East Asia when his teammates were working together to play in the World Cup Qualifiers."

The Nutmeg News also requested a meeting with Galaxy coach Bruce Arena regarding this situation but received the following reply.


The Nutmeg News will try to restrain itself in the future from writing more Donovan articles as it appears that he will likely be complaining about Klinsmann until the day the sun burns out of the solar system and the aliens from Neptune 6 take over our planet for minerals.