MLS Executives Still Bullish On 28 To 33 Year Old Journeyman Players Who Once Got Game Time In Sweden

CHICAGO - In advance of the 2019 SuperDraft, league executives from Major League Soccer indicated that they were still bullish on 28 to 33 year old Journeyman soccer players who once got game time in Sweden.

One of these teams could be where your next defensive midfielder spent two seasons!

One of these teams could be where your next defensive midfielder spent two seasons!

“Despite all of these players here,” stated one MLS General Manager as he waived towards the combine, “we are still very much excited about bringing in a 29 year old player who got a few good games in the Allsvenskan two years ago.”

One anonymous source in a league front office stated that he expected at least 50% of the worst performing players during the 2019 season to have some former connection to DIF, AIK, Götheborg, Malmo or Hammarby.

“It’s important for teams in this league to look for a pedigree,” stated one anonymous sources. “So they’d rather give a guy who had a good season for DIF back in 2015 a $225,000 contract than play a 21 year old player who just came out of Stanford.”

With the emphasis on the Swedish league being so prevalent in Major League Soccer, some teams have gone so far as to look at other leagues like the Danish Superliga or the Austrian Bundesliga.

“We found a fullback that had a really decent 2017 with SK Sturm Graz,” stated one anonymous GM. “With that kind of pedigree he is going to be worth that $175,000 contract. As a matter of fact, we are going to send our fullback draft pick down to our USL team to give him some more time before we trade him away next year.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as SuperDraft players end up in the USL and NPSL within 5 years as they struggle to get any playing time over the defensively liable 28 year old journeyman player that your team is going to bring in to play 1500 minutes this season regardless of his performance.

Woman Absolutely Certain That 2019 Will Be The Year She Doesn't Have To Prove Her Soccer Fan Credentials

LOS ANGELES - Soccer fan Susan Hughes stated that she was absolutely certain that 2019 will be the year she doesn’t have to prove her soccer fan credentials as she looked forward to sharing more of the game and herself with her online friends.


“No longer will I need to list Galaxy goal keepers from 1999 or an exhaustive list of forwards from Manchester United during the early 2000s in order to try to prove that I’m a fan,” stated Hughes online. “I am comfortable with my knowledge and place in the game, so I’m certain that this is going to be a great year.”

Online followers of Ms. Hughes’ Twitter account lauded her for her commitment to, “this decades long charade,” as they indicated that she still didn’t need to pretend to like soccer.

The Nutmeg News reached out to Twitter user and human reprobate @Rashfordaboys121212 who stated, “I wonder which boyfriend of hers was into Manchester United.”

Ms. Hughes was, also, immediately sent a unbidden Direct Message with a picture of a man’s genitals in it and a message of, “Y dn’t u come over n help me play FIFA.”

Despite the flood of negative messages that came after an initial wave of positive responses, Ms. Hughes stated she wasn’t going to let it get to her as she started blocking trolls across the world and then took her Twitter account private.

“I know that it’s going to be great,” stated Ms. Hughes. “It’s only just a matter of time before they accept me as a fellow fan.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ms. Hughes files a restraining order in February over a user who becomes obsessed with her Instagram account and creates different profiles to hurl abuse at her in the comments section of her pictures of playing soccer and her pictures from the gym.

This Poser Dad Admits He Wouldn't Strap Pyrotechnics To His Four Year Old

LAMESVILLE, USA - Friends and family were shocked when supposed soccer fan Dave Engle betrayed the scene by stating that he wouldn’t strap pyrotechnics to his four year old in order to have smoke and flares at his local soccer games.



“No. No. Absolutely not! I don’t think that’s appropriate parenting or safe behavior at all,” stated the big, giant poser.

Engle was having a conversation about South American soccer with his friends Victor Martinez and Paul Anderson when Martinez showed him the utter dedication of a River Plate ultra who strapped what appeared to be flares to her young child.

Martinez and good friend Paul Anderson were reportedly shocked to find that Engle would betray the burgeoning local casuals and ultras scene by ensuring the safety of his young son by not strapping flares to him.

“HOW CAN YOU CALL YOURSELF AN ULTRA,” stated Anderson in disgust. “This is why you wouldn’t wear Stone Island. ISN’T IT?”

However, despite all the persuasion and the fact that surreptitiously strapping incendiary devices to his four year old would just make him totally cool, Mr Engle would not be swayed as he continued his attempt at being a decent parent and a complete fraud.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Engle debates whether he is now too old for this shit.

Columbus Crew Social Media Managers Checking Twitter Mentions Again

Columbus, OH - The battalion of social media managers handling the @ColumbusCrew twitter account admitted that they were finally checking their Twitter mentions again after the sale of the Crew from Anthony “I paid money for United Passions” Precourt.


“I no longer dread the uptick in numbers on our mentions,” stated one anonymous manager. “I no longer slowly weep in the bathroom at the climbing blue digits that tell me something horrible was reported about the old ownership group. Also, I no longer have random fans swearing at the account nearly every day.”

Sources with the Crew organization indicate that the club is considering the possibility of counselling, after the past year, with an emphasis on handling PTSD for the managers that survived the PSV era.

“We must handle our veterans of this with care and love,” stated one source within the front office. “I saw one manager receive a vibrate notification of a text message from a loved one and that put them into a momentary state of shock. We had to tell them that it wasn’t a press release from PSV about the Austin team anymore and after a 20 minute hug session they finally were able to have the panic attack pass.”

The custodial staff of the Crew indicated that they hung new posters in the offices for the Crew that state, “It’s not your fault. It’s NOT your fault.”

For their part, the social media managers say that they actually enjoy interacting with the fans again, at least until the season starts.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Crew authorize support and therapy dog Twitter accounts for social media managers.

Sky Blue F.C. Announce Try-Outs For General Manager And Owner

Piscataway, NJ - National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) club Sky Blue F.C. announced that there would be try-outs coming for their General Manager and Owner position for the 2019 season.


“We are putting a call out to all people in the Piscataway location,” stated director of communication, sales, merchandising and 2018 midfielder Sarah Evans. “We are on the look out for the General Manager and Owner position for Sky Blue! Just imagine yourself being an owner of this historic Women’s Soccer team.”

Insiders with Sky Blue indicate that the credentials required to own the team is at an all time low with absentee owner Phil Murphy doing the bare minimum to keep the team alive while only paying attention due to political reasons and embarrassment.

“Literally anyone would be an upgrade,” stated one insider. “A sloth with a functioning bank account would do a better job.”

The press release by Sky Blue indicates that the General Manager job requires 4 years of Football Manager experience or six years of simulated experience in FIFA 2018. The requirements for the ownership position were listed as, “a pulse and a memory.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Phil Murphy forgets he owns the team again until another story is written in the press.

United States Based Pulisic Fan Can't Find Chelsea On A Map Of England

Dallas, TX - Christian Pulisic superfan David Henry stated that he was excited to become a new Chelsea fan after Pulisic announced his move to the English club Chelsea, but Henry also admitted that he was having difficulty finding Chelsea on a map of England.

“I can’t find it anywhere.”

“I can’t find it anywhere.”

“As part of my exhaustive research I like to look at what the city is like,” stated Henry to The Nutmeg News. “However, I can’t find Chelsea ANYWHERE.”

Henry stated that he looked in North-East England, North-West England, South England and Even West England but was unable to find any city with the name of Chelsea.

“How can the world’s greatest American player and the biggest undiscovered talent go to a team where I can’t even find the city,” stated Henry. “When I became a huge Dortmund fan I just found Dortmund on the map and then I looked up all the cultural items that could possibly inform me as to the style of the city so that I could tell everyone I knew how much of a fan of the team and town that I am.”

Henry confided to friends that Pulisic signing with a team that doesn’t appear to be based in an actual city of their own has him concerned with his development.

“We will never be a true soccer country until our biggest players are playing for teams that have their own cities, like Manchester or Liverpool or Sunderland,” ranted Henry on his twitter account.

None of this, however, kept Mr. Henry from purchasing a brand new Chelsea Pulisic kit on New Years as he boldly proclaimed his love for the blue or whatever people say about this team that doesn’t even have a city.

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Henry starts googling recent news articles on Chelsea fans to get an idea of the type of people that Pulisic will call his fans.

Major League Soccer Ready To Take Credit For Keeping Crew In Columbus After Trying To Rip Crew Out Of Columbus In Secret

NEW YORK - Major League Soccer (MLS) today indicated that they were stepping ever closer to taking credit for keeping the Crew in Columbus after trying to rip the Crew out of Columbus in secret.


“We are proud to announce a deal to keep the Crew in Columbus,” stated MLS Commissioner Don Garber. “This is after we were proud to facilitate and help with a secret move for the team before fans found out what we were trying to do and banded together to stop the league from ripping away their team.”

Insiders with the league state that they are happy to seize the narrative from the fans in Columbus and make it seem like the league wasn’t involved in trying to actively help kill the team for the past 3 years.

“It’s a great time for controlling the narrative,” stated one anonymous league source. “MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. MLS saved the Crew! MLS SAVED THE CREW. ….. See, if you say it enough everyone will start believing it to be true.”

According to Commissioner Garber, the fans were moderately helpful in their support but that the league deserves the credit for saving the team as he mentioned the support of the fans in helping the league make a profit off a scenario they created when they allowed Anthony “I kick puppies for fun” Precourt to exercise an option to move the team to Austin.

“We are excited to sell the team we hoped to kill not more than 8 months ago,” stated Garber. “We make some money, he makes some money, he moves his team to Austin and we reframe this whole thing like we are the good guy.”

The Nutmeg News will likely have more on this when the league tries to do it again.

American Soccer Fan Celebrates Boxing Day By Pretending Everyone At Work Gives A Shit About Soccer

Minneapolis, MN - American soccer fan and Newcastle United enthusiast Paul Smith celebrated the annual return of Boxing Day by going to work and pretending everyone there gives a shit about the soccer games on the day as he tried to stream the Newcastle v Liverpool game using a phone carefully positioned on his knee below his cubicle desk.

WOOOOOOOOOOOO IT’s the day that Lennox Lewis fought and defeated Margaret Thatcher for the England Premiership Title brought to you by Bovril.

WOOOOOOOOOOOO IT’s the day that Lennox Lewis fought and defeated Margaret Thatcher for the England Premiership Title brought to you by Bovril.

“Great day for the premier league,” stated Smith to a collected grouping of co-workers attempting to pour coffee and make oatmeal out of the hot water tap on the coffee machine while avoiding general eye contact with each other. “Really big implications at the top, you know.”

According to co-workers, no one who showed up to work today gives a shit about Boxing Day or the Premier League as they dutifully stare at their cubicle wall trapped in a hell of their own making as they contemplate whether it is too late to go run a dive shop on a beach somewhere on a remote Pacific island.

“Hoo boy, I bet that Benitez can really exploit some space behind the back line if we can just stop giving up the ball in our defensive third,” stated Smith to the departing backside of work-friend James Murphy who was in no mood to listen to anything to do with soccer after he spent all day yesterday attempting to rescue a drone he accidentally flew onto the roof of his apartment complex.

Smith attempted to pretend that he wasn’t at work by wearing a new Minnesota Vikings sweatshirt given to him by his Grandmother and draping a Newcastle scarf over his cubicle wall in order to have his every appearance on the day unsuccessfully scream, “I AM NOT AT WORK.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Smith attempts to stream the Arsenal game in the bathroom stall at work while forgetting that the speaker volume on his phone is on max.

Soccer Blogger's New Plan To Make It In The Industry Involves Driving For Amazon

NEW YORK - After spending Christmas morning reading a long form column on The Atlantic written by former Sports Illustrated columnist Austin Murphy about his new career with Amazon, blossoming soccer writer Brooklyn Anders-Hertzfeld applied to Amazon as a package delivery specialist in order to make it as a soccer writer.


“Now THIS is how I’m going to start my career in full as a writer,” stated Anders-Hertzfeld as he skimmed over the part in the story where Murphy detailed that he had to take a piss test. “I spent four years in school learning how to write only to watch the industry implode. I can’t wait to finally take my next step at becoming a published writer for The Atlantic, Sports Illustrated, The Washington Post and Pete’s Totally Radical Soccer Blog by delivering packages 12 hours a day.”

Friends state that Anders-Hertzfeld applied to nearly every website and newspaper out there and was instantaneously rejected for nearly all of them expect for the Des Moines Register which offered him a lucrative career covering High School sports with an emphasis on the local prep to pro pipeline and 4-H meetings.

“I’ve had a long career working for SB Nation so I feel like I’m overqualified for the position,” stated Anders-Hertzfeld. “I’m looking for something more hard hitting than generic local sports and it appears that Amazon is a pipeline to the front pages of The Atlantic. Plus, I get to be just like Bukowski… you know… working in the post office, being depressed, moodily smoking cigarette and talking about hot stew. I can’t wait.”

The Nutmeg New will have more on this as Anders-Hertzfeld fails his piss test and considers shitposting online instead.

Atlanta United Sell Greg Garza In Order To Fund, "Making It Rain," At Magic City

Atlanta, GA - The front office of Atlanta United, the 2018 MLS Cup Champion, traded off left back Greg Garza, today, in order to fund, “making it rain,” on the Philip F. Anschutz trophy at the Atlanta strip club Magic City.



“We had a great time last night,” stated one Atlanta United front office staff who for some reason really wanted to remain anonymous. “And we made it rain a little bit, but we wanna go to that Big Boi level and really set the place off.”

The Atlanta United team visited the local strip club and entertained the dancers and patrons alike with the cup as they enjoyed some lascivious entertainment after their championship parade.

However, locals report that the team quickly ran out of money when they attempted to “big time” the ladies on the stage and made a necessary call.

“If the boys need to make it rain, we will make it rain,” stated one anonymous Atlanta United front office member. “We called up Cincinnati on the spot and within an hour or two we had some TAM to transition into some real money. We are going to use that Garza money there and at the Clermont, later.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Atlanta United consider trading Brad Guzan for a trip into the Champagne Room.

Merritt Paulson Quits Twitter For Record 63rd Time

Portland, OR - Portland Timbers owner Merritt Paulson announced that he was leaving the social media platform Twitter for the 63rd time as he bid adieu to Twitter, deleted the app, re-installed the program, and then deleted the original quitting notification, then re-posted it again, deleted the app, and thought about re-installing it before getting an email about off-season player acquisition strategies.


“This puts Paulson in rarefied air,” stated Twitter statistician Boris Gudjonson. “While we have experience a variety of Twitter celebrities leaving and coming back over the years, Paulson’s frequent departures put him up there with unverified Twitter user Jeremiah @BongHitsForJesus Smith of Oklahoma who left the program 64 times over the past year due to rage quitting after reading Donald Trump tweets.

Fans state that they are shocked Paulson is leaving as this is the first time that he has ever even remotely threatened anything like this.

“How will I cope if I cannot read the words,” stated Timbers fan Paul Sanchez. “Where will I get my information that I pass off as insider information to my friends? How will this all work out?”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Paulson returns and then quits again before anyone actually knows that he was even back on the platform.

Atlanta United Announce Victory Parade For 2019 Season As well

Atlanta, GA - After owner Arthur Blank announced Atlanta United’s victory parade for the 2018 MLS Cup that hasn’t been played, he also announced the upcoming victory parade of 2019 MLS Cup stating, “WE ARE GOING BACK TO BACK.”


Reporters say that the energetic Blank was roaming the stage daring everyone and anyone to say anything to him after announcing a win in 2018 and 2019.

“WE ARE GONNA WIN THIS GAME ON SATURDAY, HAVE A VICTORY PARADE AND THEN WIN THE CONCACAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND THEN THE LEAGUE IN 2019 AGAIN,” stated a loud Blank who proceeded to become winded and sit down. “Yes, you heard that right. We are planning the parade, we have the merchandise printed up and we are READY TO GO!”

According to league sources, Blank asked that the game just be considered an Atlanta United victory so the team could hold the parade on Saturday to increase the attendance.

“I don’t want this 2018 MLS Cup Victory Parade to conflict with church on Sunday or work on Monday,” stated Blank to The Nutmeg News. “We all know that we are gonna win this thing, so why not just have Portland forfeit the game and let’s call it a day.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Atlanta United fans react absolutely positively to this breaking news.

USMNT Fan Planning On Waking Up Even Earlier Than 2018 Tournament To Watch World Cup Without United States

Omaha, NE - After hearing the games could start at 4:00 AM during the 2022 Qatar World Cup, United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) soccer fan Chaz Anderson III stated that that he would plan on waking up even earlier than 2018 to watch a world cup without the United States participating.


“I’m planning on my 3:00, 4:00 maybe even 2:00 am wake up times, BOYS!” stated Anderson to his friends. “The United States probably won’t make it again, but that’s not going to stop me from waking up early and crying about the fact that we didn’t make it to all the other people on Twitter at that time.”

According to friends, Anderson woke himself and his frathouse up every morning with a massive, “USA - USA - USA,” chant to watch the games in Russia despite the United States missing the tournament.

“Bro, this won’t stop me, ok?” stated Anderson to The Nutmeg News. “I won’t stop like the U.S.A. FUCK YEA won’t stop ever except that time where we stopped against Trinidad and Tobago and I don’t want to talk about that because that place is a shithole, ya dig? MY BOI PREZ!”

With his patriotism at an all time high, Anderson boldly proclaimed that the US would make the next World Cup but that if they didn’t that he would complain very loudly and still watch the World Cup but just compare every single team to the United States as he did six months ago.

“Yeah, bro, it’s gonna be epic. We gonna get on that 3:00 drink drink drink juice it up with the fancy brews and that super styled out wild party madness.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Anderson graduates and tries to put the pieces of his post college life together so that by 2022 he isn’t sitting in an apartment by himself eating bacon from the microwave and watching “what could’ve been” videos of Christian Pulisic’s national team career.

Timbers Fan Talks About How Much Better It Was Way Back In MLS Cup 2015

Portland, OR - Timbers fan Randy “Bugz” Smithe reportedly waxed nostalgic about MLS Cup 2015 as he spoke about not attending MLS Cup 2018 to his group of friends at the new Kombucha Speakeasy that opened up 20 minutes ago in his SE Portland apartment building on Monday evening.


“Oh man, those were the times when you could really get to know people and it wasn’t all this corporate bullshit there is now,” stated Smithe to the group of friends that spent the day discussing how the patriarchy influenced local donut shops in the area. “We were all really bonded back then, not like now where it’s everyone for themselves.”

Smithe was ranting based upon a single tweet that he read online that incensed him so fully that he took his disgust to his close circle of friends that tolerate his ever growing beard and clear rimmed glasses.

“I remember when you could get an apartment in South East for $1300 a month and you could see Vance Joy in downtown and now it’s all this band that I don’t care about and the Timbers in this Sponsored MLS Cup bullshit. I didn’t move here in 2014 to watch everything I loved about this town disappear because my team became good. I lived through that season.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Smithe doesn’t attend a watch party because it’s just too much capitalistic group think.

Sponsored Atlanta United MLS Cup T.I.F.O To Read "Eat Mor Chikin"

Atlanta, GA - After revealing that their Eastern Conference Final T.I.F.O was offset with sponsorship dollars, Atlanta United supporters groups stated that in payback for the financial help that their MLS Cup Final T.I.F.O will read “Eat Mor Chikin” as an advertisement for their secret benefactor Chick-fil-A.


“This is part a of a deal that we made to obtain the financing in the first place,” stated one anonymous Terminus Legion member. “We weren’t 100% certain that we were going to make the finals when the contract was signed so it’s a bit unfortunate, but honestly we are tying this into some other clever two-sticks that will really play on the Timbers being chicken.”

Sources within the Atlanta United supporters groups state that while they aren’t entirely satisfied that their finals T.I.F.O will be a sponsored message that at least they are advertising local for a company based out of College Park, Georgia.

“Ok, so we aren’t supposed to use sponsored dollars? Whatever. I’ll gladly take a little third party money even if it means we need to advertise the new concept store opening in Nashville that will allow you to order catering and delivery in a 5,800 square-foot location where 4,200 square-feet of that location will be dedicated to kitchen space. That’s more than two times the size of a normal Chick-fil-A kitchen! Anyway, go Atlanta United and Eat Mor Chikin!”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as the Clermont Lounge becomes the official club of section 135.

Soccer Journalists Celebrate Finally Being Able To Turn In Berhalter To USMNT Columns

Soccer journalists the country over exhaled and celebrated as they were finally able to turn in their Berhalter to the United States men’s team columns that they first wrote over two years ago when Jurgen Klinsmann was fired from the position on the 21st of November 2016.


“I had to update all the dates and times like 10 times,” stated Sports illustrated writer David Hughes. “It’s been sitting in my drafts for like a year and a half now.”

Editor Langdon Howard stated that he almost submitted the column twice because he thought the announcement was imminent so he actually missed the initial deadline today because he couldn’t believe it was finally happening.

“It’s over? It’s finally over?” stated Howard to The Nutmeg News. “Holy shit, wait… you’ve got to be kidding me, did they actually announce this? No. Really? Ok, don’t take offense at this but I’m going to need to verify because this has been a long time coming.”

Washington Post writer Dash Lonely celebrated by opening up a celebratory bottle of vintage Cutty Sark and starting to drink before he quickly worked on submitting his column and updating his resume in case they decided to simultaneously fire him in a downsizing move for the company.

“HELL YEAH! THE WAIT IS OVER,” yelled Lonely as he updated his LinkedIN profile. "I can’t wait until I get a chance to write the postmortem on his career. I’m just going to copy/paste from my two different Bruce Arena columns.”

The Nutmeg News will have more this when Berhalter moves on to a better job coaching the USWNT.

Atlanta United Fan Begins Second Attempt At Explaining CONCACAF Champions League To Friend

Atlanta, GA - Fully overjoyed after Atlanta United beat Red Bull New York to advance to MLS Cup, soccer fan Paul Anderson began a second attempt to explain the CONCACAF Champions league to good friend and casual soccer fan David Thornberry.

“Ok, so admittedly the qualification standards HAVE changed massively, but allow me to demonstrate via this prepared power point presentation exactly the differences over the past 10 years.”

“Ok, so admittedly the qualification standards HAVE changed massively, but allow me to demonstrate via this prepared power point presentation exactly the differences over the past 10 years.”

“The first time didn’t go so well as I had to start with the whole tournament outside the tournament that is a different one than the league or the US Open Cup,” stated Anderson to The Nutmeg News. “It was hard enough for him to understand the whole tournament outside the season thing when I explained that back in May, but then I tried to explain the second tournament we qualified for in October and David’s eyes started glazing over.”

Anderson reportedly brought out a white board to explain the concept of multiple tournaments in soccer while showing that Atlanta United would be playing in not only MLS, but the US Open Cup and the CONCACAF Champions league in 2019.

“And over here we see how I’ve illustrated the qualification process for other teams from other nations that do not include teams from CONMEBOL,” stated Anderson to Thornberry.

Thornberry reportedly asked what CONMEBOL was before instantaneously regretting the decision as Anderson erased all the work he already performed on the whiteboard and started drawing a crude map of the world that would allow him to indicate how the structure of soccer has different confederations throughout the entirety of the world.

“And those different confederations participate in international competitions that aren’t international like we use international to describe international players, but rather club tournaments that are played internationally but not by countries…. ok, so back to the CONCACAF Champions league,” rambled Anderson.

For his part, Thornberry admitted that he checked out of the entire conversation until Anderson brought up that they could go to Costa Rica for a game and, “maybe spend some time surfing or at the beach.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Thornberry just asks to be told whenever this stuff is happening.

Husband Of Alex Morgan Released From Local Team

LOS ANGELES - The husband of international superstar Alex Morgan was reportedly released by his local team, today, as part of an end of season roster reshaping.


Ms. Morgan stated that she was in support of the efforts of her husband to make a go of his professional sports dream as eagle-eye spotters note that she frequently took to watching his games while she focused on competing for the United States and her local club during the 2018 season.

“It’s been a good year for me,” stated Ms. Morgan who finished 2018 with 18 goals for her country. “And I hope to be able to take that momentum in to the 2019 season and the World Cup.”

Sources indicate that Morgan’s husband expects to be picked up by another team during the 2019 season although they indicate that they hope he can find time to balance his home life and his work endeavors while continuing the relationship he has with Ms. Morgan.

“Family is important to me,” stated Ms. Morgan. “And, of course, we are enthusiastic supporters of both our careers as it relates to soccer.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Ms. Morgan announces her preference for future teams for her husband.

Soccer Fan Brushes Up On NFL Talking Points Before Heading Home For Thanksgiving

LOS ANGELES - LAFC fan Dominic Byrd brushed up on the current National Football League (NFL) talking points and standings before heading to his childhood home in Dallas, TX as the soccer fan attempted to remember the facts he learned from a quick google search so he can have conversations with his dad, mom, sisters, cousins and brothers this Thanksgiving.

“Ok, I guess the Rams are playing here now?” stated a confused Byrd as he packed up his suitcase and grabbed his 3252 themed phone case. “And I guess they are playing well? Maybe I’ll just lead with the improbability of that and hope no one asks any questions.”

Byrd’s family are all die-hard Dallas Cowboys fans with the exception of his cousin Brad who remains a fan of the Green Bay Packers.

“Going home is an eternal reminder that soccer just isn’t popular with white people in Dallas,” stated Byrd. “I just need to remember a few things so that I can have a conversation when I get there.”

Byrd reportedly kept repeating the word, “Mahomes,” as he ordered a Lyft to the airport. He also added one piece of Dallas Cowboys merchandise to his LAFC scarf, LAFC credit card, LAFC colorway Adidas shoes and LAFC training top polo as he pulled on a Cowboys beanie in honor of his family roots.

“The last time I wore this thing was for Christmas,” stated Byrd.

For their part, Byrd’s family is excited to see him again as they worried about whether he is eating well in Los Angeles and whether the Cowboys can make the playoffs.

“God I hope he doesn’t try to bring up Rugby again,” stated Sandra Byrd, Dominic’s mother. “Christmas it was all about Rugby this and rugby that. It’s not a middle ground, Dom. There doesn’t need to be a middle ground. We don’t care about Rugby. We aren’t going to care about Rugby. Us watching a documentary on Rugby isn’t going to make us understand this obsession he has with…. ugh… Soccer. STOP WITH THE RUGBY.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Byrd initiates another conversation about how he, “just can’t understand why Rugby isn’t the biggest sport in the United States. It’s the best parts of soccer AND football.”

Soccer Fans Admit They Are Better Friends On Twitter Than In Real Life

Seattle, WA - Soccer fans Wes Phillips (@DocSoc) and Hector Gomez (@vamosfuerzaverde) admitted that they are better friends on Twitter than in real life as their sassy back and forth banter on the internet is infrequently replicated at Sounders games.

“He’s gonna love this. I hope I don’t run into him, though.”

“He’s gonna love this. I hope I don’t run into him, though.”

“We don’t really hang out at games and it’s never quite the same when we do,” stated Phillips to The Nutmeg News. “But man, when we get online it’s a lot a fun.”

Phillips and Gomez make inside jokes with each other, shares memes and gifs, and collaborate on hilarious Twitter threads that net them many followers who simply enjoy their back and forth repartee.

“He’s a good guy, but when we get together in real life it’s just awkward,” stated Gomez to our reporter. “I guess we use all the good stuff online so when we get together we don’t really have anything else to talk about. I can’t share a meme with him in real life.”

While both men admit they enjoy the company of each other, neither make it a point to spend time getting to know the other as their relationship blossomed online due to bad jokes and innuendo.

“Yeah, in the beginning I was like…. who is this guy?” stated Phillips. “but then I was like, Oh, yeah… THIS guy. In real life, though… it’s like… who is this guy? It’s nuts.”

The Nutmeg News will have more on this as Gomez and Philips run into each other on Occidental Avenue and avoid each others gaze.